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Speedway Australia 2019 Award Winner ‘Most Improved Track of the Year’

A Message From The New Owners

Pioneer Park Speedway is steeped in rich racing history.  Established in 1973 by the late Brian and Margaret Hodder, this world renowned speedway track is set amongst the cane fields in Brandon, just South of Townsville, in the beautiful Burdekin.

We initially bought the complex from the Hodders in 2000 and successfully promoted and hosted a variety of speedway events until selling the property in 2003.  Ownership changed hands a couple of times, until the complex was unfortunately abandoned.  Pioneer Park hosted its last speedway meeting in December 2011.

We purchased Pioneer Park Speedway for a second time in October 2016.  This was in response to an overwhelming desire from speedway enthusiasts and the local Burdekin community to see this speedway / motorsport precinct return to its former use.

This time however, the property was extremely overgrown, with rubbish piles littering the site; the facilities were in a severe state of neglect and disrepair; the electrical mains had been condemned and the water pumps were seized.  More importantly, all formal approvals to operate as a Motor Sport Facility had lapsed.

Since the start of this project, we have injected substantial time, energy and funds into gaining Council and Main Roads approvals, upgrading the infrastructure and generally overhauling this amazing complex.  We’re truly blessed to have the support of some amazing people, with the same passion as ourselves, to assist us with this mammoth task.  (Check out the photo gallery for details and photos regarding this rebuild!)

After a seven-year pause, we opened a new chapter to the future of Speedway and other motorsports here in North Queensland.  On 11 August 2018, the gates of Pioneer Park Speedway were re-opened to a massive crowd, for the NQSRASC’s 2018 Gary Moon Sidecar Memorial’.  Since then, we’ve hosted a range of extremely successful Speedway events.  The complex is resurrected and running smoothly.  As always intended, it is up for sale, ready for the new owner/s to step in and take over.

We are proud of our contributions to the history of Pioneer Park Speedway.

Rod and Teri Heathcote